Fha Changes September 14 2015

Photo Credit: 401(K) 2012/Flickr. Effective for fha case numbers issued on or after September 14, 2015, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) implemented some changes to their underwriting guidelines which may significantly affect the ability of homebuyers to qualify for this program. Addressed herein are a few of the more significant changes.

According to the FHA official site, "As of May 18, 2015, the official version of the SF Handbook (HUD Handbook 4000.1), including its April 30, 2015 Transmittal that extends the effective date to September 14, 2015, is published in an online, electronic format on the AllRegs electronic policy platform.

FHA Underwriting Guideline Changes Effective for Case Numbers Assigned On or After September 14, 2015 topic current fha guideline New FHA Guideline Assets Gift Funds – Documenting Transfer Guidance was unclear about requiring donor’s bank statement in all instances. Will now require donor’s bank statement showing withdrawal of funds.

June 2, 2010 – Anyone shopping for a new home and interested in an FHA loan should be aware of several changes to FHA loan requirements now in effect or scheduled to take effect soon.

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FHA guidelines and requirements for 2015 will be very similar to what they are now. No major changes have taken place over the last few months, and none have been announced for the months ahead. That doesn’t mean HUD won’t make additional program changes sometime during 2015. They certainly could.

If you’re shopping for a new home and are interested in getting an FHA loan, you may not be aware that HUD has rewritten their underwriting handbook, consolidating it into a single handbook – the single family housing policy handbook.Consequently, if you’re getting a new FHA loan, these new underwriting rules, which went into effect as of September 14, 2015, may be relevant to your.

downpayments through an increase in their mortgage interest rate. 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016, HUD guaranteed nearly $12.9. HUD issued the Single Family Policy Handbook 4000.1, effective September 14, 2015.

 · So I guess I’ll stop doing FHA appraisals in September. Can’t imagine crawling under the entire home. I don’t mind poking my head inside but no way I’ll be crawling all the way under the house!