New RE/MAX Micro Site Launced


I think its safe to say, RE/MAX has now officially stepped into the digital age.

Not only has RE/MAX updated their main website They also provided a much needed overhaul to the agent micro sites. While some agents have their own websites they run, many agents depend on RE/MAX to provide a website for their tech savvy clients.

The last major overhaul of came in 2005, 7 years later the website was more than just a little bit outdated.  Let me give you an example to show just how needed this refresh was.  On the old agent micro websites there was a reference to the fact that “technology will begin to transform the real estate industry”.  Yes that was true in 2005 and almost prophetic, but to a client visiting a website for the first time in 2012, it looks more than just a little outdated.

RE/MAX however didn’t settle for just a minor update.  They dumped the firm they were using entirely, as well as the microsites and much more.  The new firm started from the ground up.  They introduced analytic tracking, facebook integration, mobile friendly sites and amazing search features.  After all when clients go to a real estate website, they are typically looking to search for homes.

While the old micro sites are still available for the next 90 days I am not even going to do RE/MAX posting a link to the old site.  If you really want to see it send me an E-Mail, but just trust me when I tell you this new site is light years ahead of what we had previously.

So check out the website here, and post your comments below and let us know what you think of it.

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