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People are changing traditional ideas of planting and maintaining home landscapes throughout arizona, emphasizing native landscaping.  Even given the extreme weather in Arizona there are still a number of options to make your landscaping stand out.  Below is a list of ten ways you can design or just spruce up your Arizona landscaping.


Install Sod For Grass Landscaping

Yes grass does grow in Arizona. Sod is a great way to establish a new lawn, many residents of Arizona move from the Midwest and are partial to grass landscaping. When sod is installed correctly it can be a valuable part of your landscape.

Desert Landscaping

If grass is not your thing, and you want a low maintenance low cost alternative you can always go with desert landscaping. The idea of laying rock in their back yard can turn some homeowners away, however over the last 10 years many designer rock and gravel options have become available.

Flowering Plants for the desert

If you are looking for plants with flowers you will want to do your research. As water is scarce make sure you select a tough plant so you can enjoy the beauty for years to come. Popular flowering plants in Arizona include Bougainvillea and torch plants, which are both hearty and colorful year round.

River Rock Dry Creek

A popular landscape idea for the Arizona desert is the river rock dry creek. Many homeowners will arange the river rock to create the look and feel of a creek. You can use the river rock in conjunction with a pump to create a nice water feature in your front yard.

Terrace your Yard

Unfortunately, Not all yards are perfectly flat. Many yards have hills or slants that make it hard to create a garden or incorporate landscaping. You can terrace your backyard to make sections of level ground to overcome this challenge. This will also help prevent erosion. Soon you will be able to plant gardens and even add some beautiful landscape to an otherwise unattractive slanted backyard.

Artificial Turf

If you like the look of grass but the low maintenance for desert landscaping artificial turf may be the solution for you. Many homeowners incorporate small patches of green turf into their landscaping design. Turf is costly upfront with high prices for the product and the install, you will save money monthly on your water bill. Did I mention it was low maintenance?  Artificial turf also holds up surprisingly well over time.

The Ocotillo

Living in Arizona, it is natural to want to incorporate cactus into your landscaping. A word of caution, try to avoid placing them along walkways, or by the entry doors.  Placing cacti in commonly used areas just increases the chances of someone injuring themselves. The ocotillo is a very popular cactus. The ocotillo is used mainly as a centerpiece, occupying an open space, where it can spread out and bloom freely, showing off its colorful blossoms.

Yard Ornaments

Yard ornaments are popular in Arizona, if you choose they can play an important part when putting together your landscaping plans.  Lawn ornaments can be small and act as enhancements to your yard, or you can use a large ornament to create a centerpiece.

Colored Gravel

If you are going with desert landscaping there is a good chance you will incorporate colored gravel or rock. Prices will vary on colored rock, beginning with the less expensive grey rock and moving up.  When choosing colored rock, consider your home’s exterior paint color.  What may look beautiful in your neighbor’s yard, might be unsightly when paired with your house’s color.
You can also use larger rocks as interesting accents.

Drip System for Irrigation

Installing a drip system is a must if you plan on having plants in your design. The upfront cost is fairly reasonable for all the time and effort you will save watering the plants. A property designed watering drip system will not only keep your plants alive and thriving, in the long run it will help you conserve water, when compared to hand watering.
In many ways a water drip system helps to make your yard maintenance free.  Almost.  You will still need to regularly check, to make sure the lines are free of rocks, breaks, or  damage. If the electricity goes out, you may need to reset your timers.

November 9th, 2011

Posted In: Home Improvements

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