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It hasn’t been all fun and games in the phoenix housing market over the last few years, but that is all about to change.

The Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service has a created a Monopoly game based for the Phoenix-area real-estate market. It is ARMLS’s 30 year anniversary and they created this game to celebrate.

In ARMLS-OPOLY there are differences between the real-estate game and traditional Monopoly. Instead of being sent “straight to jail” in ARMLS’ monopoly, players are sent to “rules class,” which is a real option for metro Phoenix’s real-estate agents who don’t follow industry guidelines or laws.

The game is not without controversy though, some communities are already getting offended by the prices that there town or city commands.  Apache Junction is the cheapest of all the properties available for $60.  You can pick up Goodyear for $200, or Fountain Hills for $320.

Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are the Boardwalk and Park Place of the game, with Paradise Valley being the most expensive with a price tag of $400.

Chance and Treasure Chest are replaced with Learnathons and Technopalooza cards.  You could potentially draw a card requesting you to pay $25 dollars per property for Haboob pool clean up.

In a major blow to the investors, ARMLS-OPOLY allows players to mortgage properties back to the bank, though all houses and apartments must be rented for half price if mortgaged.

The money has the Phoenix skyline on it. And there are no utilities listed on the board; instead, different Realtor association groups are on those spots and are available for purchase.

The last player with the most properties and cash wins.

The game will go on sale at the end of this year, so far there is no pricing available, we will update you when we have more info.


What do you think of this game? Are you excited to play or offended at the ranking of the valley cities?

August 24th, 2012

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