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Real estate agents in the past have received/earned a reputation for being deceptive.  Just watch prime-time TV, Realtors along with used car salesmen seem to be denigrated more than any other profession.  In my experience while there may be a few bad apples here and there, Gilbert real estate agents as a whole are very professional.

With this being said there are still some things your average agent might not tell you.  Some things are hard to tell your clients, others are just forgotten.  Below is a list of 5 things you need to know that your agent could fail to tell you.

1. You need a digital lockbox on your house, and you need to allow your home to shown, even when its inconvenient. 

If you are occupying the home you are trying to sell, you will no doubt be harassed by agents trying to show your home at all hours.  You should let them in.  No matter how inconvenient or what condition the house is in you should allow them to see it.  Many buyers look at multiple houses in one day and then make their decision, you are not doing yourself any favors by limiting the amount of foot traffic through your house.

It is strange for many homeowners to allow a lockbox to be placed on their house.  This gives Realtors access to your home through a digital key.  It is possible to sell your home without a lockbox, however, again you are limiting the amount of people that will be able to view your house, which will a negative effect on your overall purchase price.

2. Keep emotions out of it, as much as possible. 

Don’t be offended by a lowball offer.  Its easy to get angry that the buyer doesn’t apreciate how much your home is worth.  Even though its not the offer that you are hoping for it gives you options.  I would rather have options than no offers at all.  You can counter back at full price, or if another offer comes in you have multiple offers.  There is nothing better than multiple offers, even if one is low.

3.  Overpricing your house at the beginning can and will hurt you. 

Many agents are hoping if they tell you your home is worth more than other agents that you will choose them.  This strategy actually does work well for some agents, but it hurts you the home seller.  These agents are hoping you sign a 3 or 6 month contract, then after a month with no offers you will decide to reduce your price.  Everyone knows your home will generate the most attention the first few days it is on the market.  The agent is doing you a disservice by allowing you to waist those first days with an overpriced listing that won’t attract offers.

4.  Vacant homes do not look larger.  

Less is more, but only to a certain point.  Empty rooms may actually appear smaller because the buyers can’t get a sense of how much furniture will fit.  There is nothing that shows better than a well staged house.  Even if its very minimal, a few pieces of furniture will help a buyer picture the room fully furnished.

5.  Zillow is not the best place to search for local homes or get estimates on the value of your home.  

You should find an agent that has access to the Multiple Listing System on his website for the public to use.  Ours is located here. If you are looking through listings on Zillow, many have probably sold months ago.  A Zillow estimate or Zestimate as they call it, would be a starting point in pricing your home at best.  To get an actual value on your home you should contact a real estate professional and have them pull up comparable home sales over the last few months.  That is the only way to know the true value of your home.

Have you had any of these come up during the sale of a home?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

June 1st, 2012

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