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Are you having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit with temps in the valley still in the mid 70′s?  Check out these over the top light displays in Gilbert to help get your mind right.   We are not just talking about a bunch of lights here.   We are talking about a massive amount of lights (40,000 is the minimum on this list) set to music.   One of the communities even has their own website set up to give updates to spectators. We have a video preview of these amazing communities below, but you have to go see them in person to truly appreciate the effort these families have put into the decorations.

Location: 3642 E. Comstock Dr Gilbert Arizona
Radio Station: 93.9 FM

Number 1 on our list of houses you must visit isn’t really a house at all, its actually 4 houses. The Robison, McNamara, Price, and Switzer Families of Gilbert spend more than 180 hours putting this incredible display together. Now that its completed it has over 47,000 lights set up to a computer controller with 160 different channels to program the music. There is over 12,000 feet of wire strands throughout these 4 homes.These families do all this work for a great cause. They accept donations to Make-A-Wish foundation and in the three years they have been doing it they have raised over $4,400 for the charity.

Location: 396 W. Liberty Ln, Gilbert Arizona
Radio Station: Posted at location

Is 42,000 bulbs enough? If not we can crank the wattage up even further. In this neighborohood 6 homes come together with over 100,000 lights between them. This display also includes 2 mega trees, one of which is over 20 feet tall. If thats not enough they incorporate 5 animated musicians, leaping arches and of course a wall of lights!

Bonus Lights

Hopefully after you have taken the trip to see these homes you are filled with the Christmas spirit more that ever. If however, you still aren’t feeling it then this next video may be for you. If lights set to classic Christmas songs, or ever Trans-Siberian Orchestra are not enough. Give this last one a try.

While it may not fit most peoples definition of Christmas music, you have to admit its pretty impressive.

Do you plan on going out to see any of these beautifully decorated Gilbert homes? Once you check them out please drop back by and let us know what you thought in the comments section below.

Merry Christmas.

December 7th, 2012

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